A New Simultaneous Interpreting Service Paradigm

In a traditional conference or workshop setting, simultaneous interpreting is usually an additional cost that has a considerable impact on the client’s budget. This often leads to a decision to not provide the service at all.  

When the client can afford the service, there are circumstances where logistic limitations may be an issue. For example, historical buildings or outdoor venues may present this kind of challenges.

 VirtuAlly can help its clients overcome such problem,by offering a REMOTE INTERPRETING service by partnering with cutting-edge remote interpreting platforms regardless of size or location, replacing expensive and complex traditional systems with the most advanced digital technologies.

Well before the pandemic, we have been offering turnkey virtual event solutions that include remote interpreting services and organization and coordination of interpreting teams.

Not only these solutions aremore cost-effective and allow conference organizers to get around with logistic and unexpected challenges, but they also ensure the following advantages both for clients and interpreters:

Advantages for Clients

  • Access to best-in-class conference interpreters regardless their location in the world;
  • Access to the most qualified, experienced and specialized linguists in the specific topics of the event;
  • Pay per use equipment rental only: unlike traditional equipment rentals where the client pays for estimated headsets, with our solution the client will pay only for the actual users connected to the interpreting platform;
  • Streamlined and faster planning, organization, set-up, management and control of the event operations;
  • Reduction of overall technical organization and installation times and human resources required;
  • Costs savings of over 80% compared to current costs thanks to the elimination of rental costs for IR systems, greatly reduced set-up requirements and time, plus complete elimination of headset distribution and interpreters’ travel and accommodation expenses;
  • Elimination of queues for collecting and returning translation headsets and IDs handling, for an enhanced clients’ and participants’ experience, thanks to the use of personal devices (smartphones, tablets or computers);
  • Complete control and real-time analytics of the entire event flow;
  • No more complex wiring systems; only standard personal computers, smartphones and wireless, wi-fi equipment.  

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Advantages for Interpreters

  • Working from home;
  • No travelling and commuting required, hence fewer expenses incurred and contribution to the reduction of the CO2 footprint.
  • Better quality of life and more time spent with the family;
  • Possibility of accepting more assignments also on the same day;
  • Wider access to high quality worldwide interpreting opportunities which translates into increased income;

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How the System Works

We offer a complete simultaneous interpretation system and related management services for virtual events - including masterclasses, webinars, workshops, retreats - as well as of for in-person conferences and events. The cloud-based remote interpreting platform allows us to execute all operations related to the setup, management and delivery of simultaneous interpreting services for our clients’ events.  

Our system does not require expensive headsets to listen to the translation. Participants can now use their personal mobile devices remotely or at the event venue.  

Interpreters operate remotely from home or interpreting hubs or locally, if required on site, using their personal computers and equipment.  

Event planners and organizers no longer need to rent and install traditional IR radio proprietary systems: the technical setup is much simpler and more cost effective. The platforms we partner with only require only standard personal computers and wireless Wi-Fi equipment.  

Our solution provides pay-per-use options and can be used for any kind of event regardless of size or location, and for any number of language channels or combinations.

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